Here we have put together a list of questions and answers that will hopefully make using Plan-My-Wedding.UK easier for you.

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This looks very new, how will i know my advert will pay for itself and more?

Yes this is just released mid February 2023 and to ensure your advert is not wasted we are offering you 24months advertising for the price of 12. I'm sure one job from this site will pay for your advert. We promote on all social media platforms and wedding fairs and it is our hope to have Brides & Grooms all across the UK using this website. So don't miss out on chances of new business.

Once i have my wedding can i safely remove all my details

Yes of course. Go into your portal and click the EDIT button to the right of your Wedding Date. In there you will see a destroy section which will allow you to safely remove all your details.

What happens if no business is advertising in my area?

If you click into any topic (eg Bands & DJ's) and there is no-one advertising you can still find your own Band and then add their details into your portal, just as easily as clicking on one of the advertisers. You don't even have to use our advertisers if you've found someone else. Simply add their details and they'll be held in your portal.